let the fields rejoice and the chickens run free

Loud House Farm
Loud House is a small family farmstead located in southeast Kansas City Missouri, along the Blue River Parkway. It sits on seven acres of old pasture and rolling meadows and holds a rich array of native habitat and wildlife.
An earth friendly farmstead, we honor the land and our animals, using natural, time honored methods of husbandry and garden cultivation. In nourishing our livestock, we gather nourishment for our orchards and gardens, which in turn, brings us bounty for our mealtime gathering. We would love to share some of that local goodness with you

Loud House Markets
Loud House Seasonal Markets offer fresh produce, pasture raised hen eggs, home made breads, noodles and pantry delights.
Come take a drive, pet a goat, visit with a chicken and gather some local goodness.

Yum Tum Old Fashioned Jellies & Jams
Our artisan jellies, jams and relishes are made in small batches, slow cooked, using no commercial pectin, reducing the amount of sugar while increasing the taste. All of our pantry delights are made with local fruit, vegetables and herbs, gathered from earth friendly backyards, farms and orchards of Missouri.
Loud House Farmstead Dinners!
Yes indeed, the Loud House Farmstead Soul Brigade will be cooking up some mischief and local goodness in the kitchen and inviting friends and good citizens of KC to join in and enjoy. watch for dates ~ soon to be posted

For more information on markets, eggs, pantry delights, farm dinners and chicken lore, contact Debbie ~ boreldebbie@gmail.com